White Rind Cheese

Delicate & Delicious

The Nag

A soft white rind that been lactic set and matured for 10 days. The Nag has slight cabbage taste; its centre is light and fluffy. As this cheese matures it takes on a rich intense mushroomy flavour and the centre becomes more of a gooey paste.


Pelorus Pearl

A soft lactic set white rind that has been matured for 14 days. Initially you taste a creamy light cheese with a slight acidic tang, followed by a deepening mushroom flavour as it ripens. This cheese can often be known to be mousse like.

Pelorus Pearl.jpg

The Nanny

A soft aged fresh cheese made using yeasts. The yeasts help give this cheese a winkled rind and gooey centre. When eaten it has a pronounce herbaceous flavour with lovely floral and buttery notes.


The Reginald

The Reginald is beautiful pyramid shaped cheese with a layer of ash buried underneath a thin layor of white rind. The ash is food grade activated charcoal made from coconut husks. It has a mousse like centre and earthy mushroom/hay flavours to follow.


Cullensville Gold

Cullensville Gold is smear washed rind cheese using Lake Chalice Sauvignon Blanc. This cheese is washed every other day for two weeks. It has a lovely meaty aroma with a supple velvety texture in the mouth that tastes like a rich cheese sauce when held in the mouth.


The Lynton

The Lynton is a soft white rind that has a supple texture with an earthy aroma. When savoured in the mouth this cheese has a lasting grass/hay flavour with a slight mushroom note.

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