Your Every Day Cheese

Perfect for your salads, bbqs and platters


Soft Goats Cheese

Our soft goat cheese is a fresh cheese designed to carry flavour. It is a versatile cheese that can be used for sweet or savory dishes. It has a beautiful soft creamy texture with a clean slight acidic taste. 

Flavoured Soft -Chilli & Garlic, Provencal - Mixed herbs and garlic.



A traditional feta using full fat goat’s milk. We produce a feta that can be crumbled.  It has a clean slightly acidic taste with the aroma of ripe yoghurt, notes of citrus grass. It has a milky flavour at first then you can almost taste the meadows, with wild greens and herbaceous notes – there’s a mild creaminess to finish,
salt in balance.

Smoked Soft Cheese

Using the Soft Goat Cheese, we have cold smoked the cheese with applewood for 20 minutes; this gives the cheese a whole new complexity, it has the soft creamy texture of the soft, followed by the smokey applewood coming through.

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